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Tombeth Seal

Caballa Relics Boss
Type Level Weakness Resistance
Charm 121 Gun Magic, Earth, Air
The Trident Maze
Active Elemental Attribute HP AP MA DP MD GD
Yes Earth Earth 48% 6,845x4 1,178 ? 809 936 150
Name Level Name Level
Power Blow Power Blow 4 Super Hips Super Hips
Final Blow Final Blow 4 Sturdy Shield Sturdy Shield 6
Mana Reflector Mana Reflector Magic Meltdown Magic Meltdown
Cure Cure 6 Enhanced Resistance Enhanced Resistance
Damage Tolerance
Physical Magic Gun Fire Water Air Soil Electric Light Dark Shadow
44% 27% 61% 44% 44% 33% 27% 44% 44% 44% ?
Chimu Naranjo Monkya Arachne
Chimu Naranjo Monkya Arachne
Lv.78 Lv.84 Lv.173 Lv.178
Level Restriction Spawn
Level 1 ~ 150 Tombeth spawns in 20 min after the previous appearance.
Give 1x 500 Galder Coupon (consumed) to Rosemary at Caballa Relics Dungeon 3.
Starting with the first Explorer Reina you see, head clockwise for the proper order. Turn in Monster Quests to the next Explorer Reina.
  1. Trial 1: The Sleeping Soul of the Ancient 1
    1. Defeat 6x Guard Stone Soldier (Lv.60) in 1 min.
  2. Trial 2: Find Torn Clue 1
    1. Locate 1x Torn Clue 1 (drilled).
  3. Trial 3: The Sleeping Soul of the Ancient Relics 2
    1. Defeat 30x Awakened Guiana (Lv.70) in 10 min.
  4. Trial 4: Find Torn Clue 2
    1. Locate 1 Torn Clue 2 (drilled).
  5. Trial 5: Waking the Ancients
    1. Head southwest of Explorer Reina, going into the wall. Not too long afterwards, you will go through it.
    2. Catch 5x Philosopher's Stone (dropped by Awoken Mimic (Lv.65)).
    3. Decoded Clue 1 and Decoded Clue 2 are also used. They are obtained from the quests for the torn clues.
  6. Trial 6: Guide Stones
    1. After you get the Complete Decoded Doc, talk to the Explorer Reina in the middle. Give her the doc, then continue until you enter a room with Keeper Julio and Guide Sabrina.
    2. Drill to find a Chaotic Guide Stone, and defeat any monsters you find for Fractal Guide Stone or Brick Guide Stone. Please note that you may have to just proceed with a Chaotic Guide Stone if there are no monsters respawning.
    3. Talk to Guide Sabrina to use Brick Guide Stone or Chaotic Guide Stone, and Keeper Julio for Chaotic Guide Stone and Fractal Guide Stone together.
      1. Brick Guide Stone: Sends you to the room just one up from your current room.
      2. Chaotic Guide Stone: Sends you somewhere randomly.
      3. Chaotic Guide Stone and Fractal Guide Stone: Sends you four rooms forward from your current room. I advise you get three of each, as you only need to be teleported 3 times by Keeper Julio to reach the last room.
      4. There are 11 rooms in total. You start in room 7. Room 5 is the final room with only Guide Sabrina.
      5. WARNING: Awakened Chimu has Banish. I doubt you want to get sent back to Megalopolis if you're this far.
    4. Use Keeper Julio's teleport until you enter a room with just Guide Sabrina. Talk to her and go to the next floor.
  7. Trial 7: Awakening the Sleeping Souls
    1. Scary enough, there are two Indiana John. Talk to the John on the left. But there's no consequence if you talk to the wrong one.
    2. Defeat 2x Tombeth's Soul (Lv.100) in 5 min.
    3. You are then sent to The Trident Maze with a Keeper Julio right there. If you head to the back (East or right side), you'll find Fortune Teller and Guide Sabrina. Guide Sabrina teleports you to Tombeth.
Since the new Boss System is added, there is no need to rush and worry you will be teleported out of the trials because somebody already defeated it. You now have your own Boss Room! Wait for a moment and Tombeth will spawn. Do not panic, and start defeating it. Once it is defeated, check the ground for unique. After you defeat Tombeth, you will be teleported to Gate of Caballa Relics in 30 seconds. You'll have to wait 15 minutes before you can enter the trials again.

You are advised to have more than 2500 Weight as Philosopher's Stone weighs 500 each.

Name Use %
Tombeth Card Tombeth Card Card Identification Rare
Guardian's Soul Helm Guardian's Soul Helm Legendary Unique Hat (Lv.90)
Explorer Reina - Proof of Thanks
Very Rare
Guardian's Soul Staff Guardian's Soul Staff Legendary Unique Special Weapon (Lv.90)
Explorer Reina - Proof of Thanks
Very Rare
Guardian's Soul Shield Guardian's Soul Shield Legendary Unique Shield (Lv.90)
Explorer Reina - Proof of Thanks
Very Rare
Compound Waste Compound Waste Don Giuvanni - Transfer to Battlefield of Duel
Stone Bracelet Stone Bracelet Compound: Soil Attr +20~45% (Lv.110)
Sun's Coat of Arms Sun's Coat of Arms Compound: Fire Attr +14~37% (Lv.70)
500 Galder Coupon 500 Galder Coupon Galder: 500
Monkey T - Antique Mirror!
Explorer Reina - Transfer to Nora Sewer (Upper Area)
Exchange: Merchant Lorena - Element Crystals (80~395)
Ultimate Sword Ultimate Sword Sword (Lv.50)
Chaos Bronze Rod Chaos Bronze Rod Cane (Lv.50)
Ultimate Bronze Rod Ultimate Bronze Rod Cane (Lv.50)
Chaos Dagger Chaos Dagger Knife (Lv.50)
Ultimate Dagger Ultimate Dagger Knife (Lv.50)
Ultimate Antique Gun Ultimate Antique Gun Gun (Lv.50)
Chaos Steel Helmet Chaos Steel Helmet Hat (Lv.50)
Ultimate Steel Helmet Ultimate Steel Helmet Hat (Lv.50)
Chaos Wood Gear Chaos Wood Gear Hat (Lv.50)
Ultimate Wood Gear Ultimate Wood Gear Hat (Lv.50)
Ultimate Metal Shield Ultimate Metal Shield Shield (Lv.50)
Old Thorn Shield Old Thorn Shield Shield (Lv.65)
Old Metal Gun Old Metal Gun Gun (Lv.65)
Old Dirk Old Dirk Knife (Lv.65)

Tutankhamen Seal Tombeth Seal Captain Skull Seal Pirate King Karan Seal Count Blood Seal Tenter Lion Seal Queen Odinea Seal Soki Seal Spicy Dragon Seal
Tutankhamen Tombeth Captain Skull Pirate King Karan Count Blood Tenter Lion Queen Odinea Soki Spicy Dragon

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