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Spicy Dragon

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Spicy Dragon (new)

Spicy Dragon (new)

Spicy Dragon (new) Seal

Tapasco Volcano Boss
Spicy Dragon (new)
Type Level Weakness Resistance
Magic 730 Unknown Unknown
Tapasco Boss Room
Active Elemental Attribute HP AP MA DP MD GD
Yes None ?x5 ? ? ? ? ?
Name Level Name Level
Cure Cure Poison Pouch Poison Pouch
Shockwave Shockwave Guard Break Guard Break
Banish Banish Enhanced Resistance Enhanced Resistance
Damage Tolerance
Physical Magic Gun Fire Water Air Soil Electric Light Dark Shadow
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Red Salamander Blue Salamander
Red Salamander Blue Salamander
Lv.334 Lv.339
Level Restriction Spawn
None Spicy Dragon (new) spawns in 60 min after the previous appearance.
Give 2x Spicy Egg (consumed) to Cletta at Spicy Island.
Follow these quests in order to confront Spicy:
  1. Transfer to Spicy Trials:
    Cletta - Tapasco Boss Room Trial Entrance
  2. Path 1 Trials:
    Cletta - The Stranger's Adventurer Test
    Draco Knight - The Knight Guarding Spicy Dragon
    1. If already in a possession of a Cletta's Crystal, you can head directly to Draco Knight's MQ.
  3. Path 2-1 Trials:
    None - Destroy the 5 Statues
    None - Destroy the 8 Statues
    1. Use the paper/pen combo to note down the order of the the spawn. You can only start to hit the statues once all 5 or 8 have appeared.
  4. Path 2-2 to 2-5 Trials:
    Clerk Z. Smith - Leviathan's Trial (1)
    Clerk Z. Smith - Leviathan's Trial (2)
    Clerk Z. Smith - Leviathan's Trial (3)
    Clerk Z. Smith - Leviathan's Trial (4)
  5. Path 3-1 Trials:
    Sealed Cave Entrance - Hunter Master's Trial (1)
    Sealed Cave Entrance - Hunter Master's Trial (2)
    Sealed Cave Entrance - Hunter Master's Trial (3)
    Sealed Cave Entrance - Hunter Master's Trial (4)
    1. There is a total of 15 monsters per room, so be careful as to not kill anyone before starting the Monster Quests.
  6. Path 3-2 Trials:
    None - Slide Puzzle 1
    None - Slide Puzzle 2
    None - Slide Puzzle 3
    1. All 3 puzzles start with the pieces randomly generated. Click on the following links to have the way the puzzle must look: 3x3, 4x4, 5x5.
    2. Check out for slider puzzle solver, which may be some help.
  7. Path 4 Trials:
    Hunter Master - Cletta's Bamboozled Adventurer
    Fortune Teller - The Story Behind Tapasco Volcano
    Hunter Master Leviathan - Leviathan's Help
    1. The Cletta's Crystal you get from Cletta in Path 1 and the one from Hunter Master in path 4 are considered 2 different items. It's the second one which will be used for Fortune Teller's quest.
    2. The monster is invicible to all attacks, you need Leviathan's spell to kill it.
    3. Once Leviathan's quest is done you're automatically transported to the next trial.
  8. Pre-boss Trial: None - Kill Neredeith's Span Cletta
You have to speak to Leviathan and get the water spell Leviathan's Help in order to hurt Spicy Dragon.
The boss room is STILL a drillable map.

Name Use %
Spicy Dragon Card Spicy Dragon Card Card Identification Rare
10,000 Galder Coupon 10,000 Galder Coupon Galder: 10,000
Dragon's Egg Dragon's Egg
Dragon's Horn Dragon's Horn
Draconic Circlet Draconic Circlet Legendary Unique Hat (Lv.300) Very Rare
Draconic Sword Draconic Sword Legendary Unique Special Knife (Lv.300) Very Rare
Draconic Staff Draconic Staff Legendary Unique Special Cane (Lv.300) Very Rare
Draconic Dagger Draconic Dagger Legendary Unique Special Knife (Lv.300) Very Rare
Draconic Bowgun Draconic Bowgun Legendary Unique Special Gun (Lv.300) Very Rare
Draconic Shield Draconic Shield Legendary Unique Shield (Lv.300) Very Rare
Ultimate Broadsword Ultimate Broadsword Sword (Lv.275)
Ultimate Arc Stick Ultimate Arc Stick Cane (Lv.275)
Ultimate Khanjar Ultimate Khanjar Knife (Lv.275)
Ultimate Hand Cannon Ultimate Hand Cannon Gun (Lv.185)
Ultimate MJS-G5 Ultimate MJS-G5 Gun (Lv.275)
Ultimate Helm of Honor Ultimate Helm of Honor Hat (Lv.275)
Ultimate Hat of Honor Ultimate Hat of Honor Hat (Lv.275)
Ultimate Shield of Honor Ultimate Shield of Honor Shield (Lv.275)
Revamped Spicy Dragon
Tutankhamen Seal Tombeth Seal Captain Skull Seal Pirate King Karan Seal Count Blood Seal Tenter Lion Seal Queen Odinea Seal Soki Seal Spicy Dragon Seal
Tutankhamen Tombeth Captain Skull Pirate King Karan Count Blood Tenter Lion Queen Odinea Soki Spicy Dragon

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