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Pirate King Karan

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Pirate King Karan

Pirate King Karan

Pirate King Karan Seal

Ghost Blue Boss
Pirate King Karan
Type Level Weakness Resistance
Sense 250 Physical, Earth, Light Gun, Magic, Water, Electric, Dark
Pirate King Karan's Room
Active Elemental Attribute HP AP MA DP MD GD
Yes None ?x5 ? ? 1,326 1,589 270
Name Level Name Level
Siren Song Siren Song Berserker Berserker
Shockwave Shockwave Faint Faint
Dodge Master Dodge Master Mana Reflector Mana Reflector
Cure Cure Enhanced Resistance Enhanced Resistance
Damage Tolerance
Physical Magic Gun Fire Water Air Soil Electric Light Dark Shadow
30% 34% 27% 80% 23% 23% 23% 23% 27% 34% ?
Level Restriction Spawn
Level 1 ~ 280 Pirate King Karan spawns in 30 min after the previous appearance.
Give 5x Nora Doll (consumed) to La Vida at Nora Sewer.
To proceed to the boss, you have to complete the following trials:
  1. Trial 1 - Trench of the Dead
    1. Talk to Copyfish Dom Dom to go to Popeyed Anemone Ghost area.
    2. Talk to Copyfish Dom Dom again and collect 5x Evil Spirit Bone 1 from Popeyed Anemone Ghost.
    3. Talk to Copyfish Dom Dom at the top and proceed to Jelly Fish Ghost area.
    4. Talk to Copyfish Dom Dom again and collect 5x Evil Spirit Bone 2 from Jelly Fish Ghost (which explodes).
    5. Talk to Copyfish Dom Dom at the left and proceed to Sea Tiger Ghost area.
    6. Talk to Copyfish Dom Dom again and collect 5x Evil Spirit Bone 3 from Sea Tiger Ghost (which berserks and thunderbolts).
    7. Talk to Copyfish Dom Dom at the left and proceed to next trial.
  2. Trial 2 - Trench of Patience
    1. Collect 30x Soul Marble from Sea Dragon Ghost and find your way to the top of the map through a 'maze'. Note, those Sea Dragon Ghosts electroshock and arrowrush, so MD is a great help here.
    2. Talk to Copyfish Dom Dom at the top and proceed to next trial.
  3. Trial 3 - Whirlpool of Agony
    1. Find the exit in the maze containing Merman Ale Ghosts and Merman Aqu Ghosts. Their speed is fast and once they Faint+Banish it is game over. Proceed with caution and exit to Trench of the Pirate.
  4. Trial 4 - Whirlpool of Agony
    1. Talk to Copyfish Dom Dom and defeat 1x Right Hand Saki (which berserks).
    2. Talk to Copyfish Dom Dom again and defeat 1x Left Hand Sass (which banishes and faint).
    3. Talk to Copyfish Dom Dom one last time and go to Pirate King Karan's Room.
  5. Pirate King Karan's Room
    1. Search for Karan around the map and defeat him. Karan has some of the annoying skills like Berserker and Faint. He also summons loads of Channas which is a hazard to many people. However, he is relatively weak, so most people wont have a problem with him. After defeating Karan, make sure to check the ground for Ebon Admiral's Hat or Pearl Pistol.
In order to complete the Pirate Set, you must have Blood-Red Eyepatch which is obtained from completing quest Unique Fashion Quest:Blood-Red Eyepatch.

Since the new boss system is added, there is no need to rush and worry you will be teleported out of the trial because somebody already defeated him. Now you have your own Boss Room! Wait for a moment and Karan will spawn. Do not panic and start defeating him. Once he is defeated, check the ground for any equipment or other things. You may get a unique. After defeat, the boss room will crumple in about 30 seconds, after what you will be teleported back to Gate of Ghost Blue.

Name Use %
Ebon Admiral's Hat Ebon Admiral's Hat Legendary Unique Hat (Lv.150)
Shaman Girl Jia - Make Sealing Charm
Very Rare
Pearl Pistol Pearl Pistol Legendary Unique Gun (Lv.150)
La Vida - La Vida's Revenge
Very Rare
Ultimate Sabre Ultimate Sabre Sword (Lv.110)
Ultimate Battle Rod Ultimate Battle Rod Cane (Lv.110)
Ultimate Kukri Ultimate Kukri Knife (Lv.110)
Ultimate Milli-Gun Ultimate Milli-Gun Gun (Lv.110)
Ultimate Buckler Cap Ultimate Buckler Cap Hat (Lv.110)
Ultimate Hunting Cap Ultimate Hunting Cap Hat (Lv.110)
Ultimate Knight Shield Ultimate Knight Shield Shield (Lv.110)

Pirate King Karan
Tutankhamen Seal Tombeth Seal Captain Skull Seal Pirate King Karan Seal Count Blood Seal Tenter Lion Seal Queen Odinea Seal Soki Seal Spicy Dragon Seal
Tutankhamen Tombeth Captain Skull Pirate King Karan Count Blood Tenter Lion Queen Odinea Soki Spicy Dragon

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